Volunteering in Africa

Ubuntu ist eine jahrhundertealte afrikanische Lebensweisheit.

Grundlage ist die Überzeugung:            

         Umuntu Ngumntu Ngabantu: 

“Ich bin weil wir sind und wir sind weil ich bin“

This wisdom and conviction is the basis of our organization. UBUNTU arranges internships and volunteer work in Cape town. The difference to many other organizations, however, is that UBUNTU not only teaches, but is actively and practically involved in these projects, besides looking after and accompanying the volunteers, as well as the people in the projects. We are committed to better education and better social conditions in the townships of South Africa. On the one hand, we offer structural help by supporting small and manageable donation projects, which are initiated and built by the people in the townships or schools themselves. On the other hand, we arrange volunteer work and internships in small and manageable educational and social projects, who are there practically and energetically at the side of the people there. The donation projects help the local people to master their daily problems. By this we mean: subsidizing educational materials as well as supporting and promoting special talents and talents of children and adolescents and supporting families in their daily needs.

At UBUNTU, we find that volunteering and interning in South Africa are an excellent fit with our goal of substantially and structurally improving education and living conditions for the children in township schools and townships. In the fight against poverty, good teaching conditions, a qualified education and a safe and happy everyday life are of essential value.