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Sylke Funk, founder of UBUNTU, has been living in Hout Bay since 2006. She is a social worker and family therapist and involved in several projects in Hout Bay and Imizamo Yethu, the local township. Good and inspiring educational and social work and enough individual attention are trend-setting and important on the way out of the poverty and violence structures of the township. So we can encourage children to take their future into their own hands. As a family therapist, Sylke is convinced that if we want to change the lives of children, we need to involve the families. Meanwhile UBUNTU supports more and more new projects in Imizamo Yethu. Through a continuous commitment of volunteers and trainees, we offer the disadvantaged people the support, they need and deserve. At the same time we enable our participants the special and precious experience to be able to help people in their social environment primarily …… and this at the „most beautiful end of the world“. UBUNTU works with teachers, social workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists in high schools, primary schools, afternoon care, community personalities (ANC), principals, police, education department, social department …….

But also from Germany, the Netherlands and the USA we get help and valuable support from many people. They help us practically and financially, provide us with valuable ideas and give us their enthusiasm. We are in close contact with universities, colleges, voluntary organizations, schools, churches, etc. in the three countries mentioned above.


Sylke Funk, Director, Social Worker (sylke.funk@ubuntuforafrica.com),

Stanley Yonamu, Volunteer Relationship ( stanleyyonamu@ubuntuforafrica.com )

With all our experience and professional knowledge:


Sylke Funk-Kakebeeke

Sylke Funk-Kakebeeke

Direktor, Sozialarbeiterin

Stanley Yonamu

Stanley Yonamu

Lehrer, Tanzer und freiwillige verbindung