What can I expect during my stay
  • Pickup and delivery service to and from the airport, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Brief introduction / orientation in Cape Town and Hout Bay
  • Comfortable accommodation in a safe and central area of Hout Bay.
  • You share the accommodation with other volunteers. You sleep in a double bedroom. A single room can be booked for an additional charge.
  • Trustworthy, personal and professional German / Dutch / South African company is available 24 hours, 7 days a week with help and advice available. Solid project organization is in place.
  • Once a week, during project analysis, you eat at the project leader’s house at the long table with all the volunteers and interns, and you can discuss and share your adventures, ask questions and get answers. For other meals you are responsible on your own.
  • Transport to and from the projects will be organized by us. Hout Bay is a compact and not too big a place. Participants who wish to be more independent can go by taxi, or with the new My Citi bus ( every 10 minutes to Cape Town), a rented bicycle or City Golf (all affordable to rent).
  • Our volunteer and internship projects are small and clearly laid out. Personal input is always welcome and is therefore, whenever possible, taken into account.
  • Our organization will inform you in detail beforehand and if possible personally. At least once a year an information evening will be held and evaluated.
  • Tailor-made integration into the project: your expertise and talents are optimally supported and involved.
  • Tips and help to plan your travel and leisure in South Africa. Organized excursions with trusted local partners are also possible. Here, too, we can help.
Why am I not getting paid and even need to pay for the valuable work I am doing
As a volunteer organisation we do not receive funding from the government however we still incur daily costs that require funding. Part of these costs include accommodation and the salaries of our full time staff.  That is why the projects you volunteer at depend on your contributions to to cover expenses and insure that it continues to do the good work it is doing. Therefore you play a vital role in the continuity of these projects.
What about safety
Crime is an unfortunate reality in Cape town and as in any holiday destination it is important to be informed about the local rules and habits in order not to take unnecessary risks. We offer our volunteers and interns accommodation in a safe and central location in Hout bay. This also includes a trusted and professional support available 24 hours, & days a week.

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