Volunteering in Africa

 Ubuntu is an age-old African wisdom.

It is based on the conviction:
 Umuntu Ngumntu Ngabantu

“I am because we are and we are because I am”

This wisdom and belief is the basis of our organization. UBUNTU4Africa arranges internships and volunteering services In Cape Town. The difference from many other organizations, however, is that it not only conveys the philosophy of Ubuntu, but it is also actively and practically involved in these projects. We not only support and guide the volunteers, but also the people in the projects. We strive for a better education and better social conditions in the townships of South Africa.

Our first aim is to offer structural assistance by supporting small and manageable donation projects that are initiated and established by the people of the townships or schools themselves. Secondly, we provide volunteering and internships in small and manageable educational and social projects with practical help and assistance for the local people. Our funded projects help to solve the daily needs of the people, children and their parents, in the township, i.e., funding for teaching materials, supporting special talents and abilities of children and young people and supporting families in their everyday needs.

Through your volunteering and internships you can make a real difference to the substantive and structural improvement in the education and living conditions of the children and their parents in the township schools and the township itself. In the fight against poverty, good teaching conditions, a qualified education and a safer and happier everyday life are of essential value.