Current Projects - Inkululeko Expressions

Inkululeko Expressions

The latest addition to UBUNTU 4 Africa Projects, Inkululeko, has had an amazing start, officially opening in April. Inkululeko specifically looks at the experiences of our youth and how to better cope with the many challenges they face through expression.

Many kids in South Africa go through experiences they have to suffer through alone, with no support system (either from the government, or even their parents/family), or outlet to face them in a healthy and productive way. As such, they often turn to gangs or drugs. Inkululeko (which means freedom) aims to be a projects that offers them a different outlet. It is an organisation that creates a platform and safe space for youth from disadvantaged communities to come and express themselves. They do this by offering various creative and performing arts classes, mainly music and storytelling, where our talented volunteers offer their services. As the opportunity presents itself, they want to extend their program to drama and eventually put on their own production with the talent of their learners.

Thus far, Inkululeko trains 20-30 students weekly in their music program which offers lessons in various instruments and sound production. Within the next month they are looking to open an Out-of-schooler program to youth which will run weekly on Saturdays, all this from our venue based at Silikamva High School.

Want to find out more visit Inkululeko Expressions website right here.



Bi- Annual Holiday Program

In partnership with the Meet & Teach organisation Inkululeko Expression will be hosting the first of its Bi-annual holiday programs. Aimed at equipping youth with practical skills around creative arts and bridging cultural barriers we look forward to opening our kids to a range of new opportunities.  For more information see Inkululeko Expressions Website here, or the Meet & Teach website here