Current Projects - Olympians Academy

The Olympians Acadamy

A project where kids who have not been placed in an official school or have immigrated from another country, receive basic education so as to prepare them for school life and keep them off the streets. The school takes place every day from 08.00am to 4.00pm, including aftercare. Kids who come to the academy are aged from 5 to 7 years old.

The Olympians Academy is based in the centre of Hout Bay, next to Mainstream and was founded by Louise van Bala. In total there are 20 kids, two teachers as well as two volunteersThe main task of the volunteers consists of assisting the teachers during classes and helping out with one-on-one tutoringThe day is separated into two periods – Math and English with breaks in between.

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Result: This has been the biggest challenge for us. Parent attendance is quite poor. To increase the attendance we work more closely with the schools and other organizations. Our strength: we work consistently and don’t give up.  We welcome every parent who attends.  We have involved a mother from the community tohelp us coordinating the parent work and run it together with our family therapist. We have definitely been successful in terms of the support. We hope to increase the number of parents for 2015.