Project Costs


Our accommodations are all located in Hout Bay, in apartments, very near to the beach or we can also arrange rooms or small apartments with guest families.


South Africa is a beautiful and diverse country. The different cultures, the wildlife and the friendliness of the people give the country colour and charm.

Cape Town, for many the most beautiful city in the world, is a metropolis with everything your heart desires: nightlife, museums, shopping, Table Mountain, parks, harbour, restaurants, cinemas….

Hout Bay is a 20 minute car/bus drive from Cape Town. It is situated in a picturesque bay. Hout Bay stretches from the beach through the valley, up to Table Mountain. It is tranquil and cosy and absolutely close to the beach. How to move: by taxi, with the new MyCiti bus (every 10 minutes to Cape Town), a rented bicycle or City Golf (all affordable to rent) you reach each goal.

Imizamo Yethu is a township (informal settlement) in Hout Bay. Officially 2000 people live here. But it is estimated that there are 40 000. Almost all projects in which UBUNTU is active, are here or adjacent to Mandela Park (other name for Imizamo Yethu or IY)



What can you expect during your stay in Hout Bay from us?

  • Pickup and delivery service to and from the airport, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Brief introduction / orientation in Cape Town and Hout Bay
  • Comfortable accommodation in a safe and central area of Hout Bay.
  • You share the accommodation with other volunteers. You sleep in a double bedroom. A single room can be booked for an additional charge.
  • Trustworthy, personal and professional German / Dutch / South African company is available 24 hours, 7 days a week with help and advice available. Solid project organization is in place.
  • Once a week, during project analysis, you eat at the project leader’s house at the long table with all the volunteers and interns, and you can discuss and share your adventures, ask questions and get answers. For other meals you are responsible on your own.
  • Transport to and from the projects will be organized by us. Hout Bay is a compact and not too big a place. Participants who wish to be more independent can go by taxi, or with the new My Citi bus ( every 10 minutes to Cape Town), a rented bicycle or City Golf (all affordable to rent).
  • Our volunteer and internship projects are small and clearly laid out. Personal input is always welcome and is therefore, whenever possible, taken into account.
  • Our organization will inform you in detail beforehand and if possible personally. At least once a year an information evening will be held and evaluated.
  • Tailor-made integration into the project: your expertise and talents are optimally supported and involved.
  • Tips and help to plan your travel and leisure in South Africa. Organized excursions with trusted local partners are also possible. Here, too, we can help.
  • Via our own (donation) projects, such as Inkululeko Expressions, and our Aftercare program, you can still actively participate in our activities after your stay in South Africa.


*minimum stay of 3 months, please contact us directly for more information.

All volunteers and interns get a certificate

Project costs are exclusive of:

  • Flight ticket
  • Insurance
  • vaccinations
  • Personal expenses such as for weekend excursions, restaurants, gifts, etc.

The total cost per participant to be distributed is divided into:

  • operating costs are the costs that are incurred to provide volunteering and internships.  This includes, for example, the costs of a website, bank charges, transfer costs, organizing information sessions, rents, etc.  The information and follow-up sessions for volunteers and interns will be paid from this budget as well.
  • Project costs are all costs that are incurred locally in South Africa: accommodation, airport transfers, assistance and support. We try to keep costs as low as possible. However, Cape Town is a modern cosmopolitan city, and Hout Bay a tourist attractive little village with direct access to beach, ocean and mountains, and this sets prices. Our aim is to offer comfortable and safe accommodation that is suitable for each of our volunteers who come from all age groups.
  • Donations: Do not forget: UBUNTU financially supports the projects in which we are active.

Summary: The total amount paid by each volunteer, covers the cost of a comfortable, safe, exciting and informative stay. And what we see as most important: this amount ensures the continuity of the projects for the local people……. isn’t it primarily about the people here? Remember:

 UmuntuNgumntungabantu:”I am because we are and we are because I am”


As in any holiday destination it is important to be informed about local rules and habits in order to not take unnecessary risks. Since South Africa is not only a holiday destination, but also a developing country, special rules apply here. South Africa is a country on a different continent with many different cultures. It has its own code and if you stick to this, you are as safe here as elsewhere.
We offer our volunteers and interns accommodation in a safe and central location in Hout Bay. This also includes a trusted, professional support for 24 hours, 7 days a week available for questions and support.

Why I ‘m not getting paid and even need to pay for the valuable work I am doing?

  • In a country like South Africa, where the largest part of the population is unemployed and poor, we cannot pay people from Europe or America.  We cannot accommodate these people for free, while the people we are working with and for, live in shacks. We cannot offer free food, while most of the people in the townships are hungry.
  • We cannot pay salaries.
  • We have a responsibility: work of volunteers here, professionals or not, must be guided professionally. The volunteers do not know the culture and the ‘rules of the community’ and could even harm instead of help. This guidance costs money. Our accommodations are safe and comfortable and the volunteers are daily brought into the projects and picked up again.Last but not least: the projects in which the volunteers work must be maintained. UBUNTU is a commercial organization, but works to sufficiently cover the costs. This means that after deducting expenses for support and accommodation, much of the money goes to the projects themselves. If that happens, we will take care of another project, such as the development of a Learner Support Centre for Primary Schools in Hout Bay.